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Laurent asked 2 years ago

Please could you tell me how does it cost, shipping included, to made one paint with portraits of all children of my family (10 in one paint), for their granny and gran dad. I will send you 10 photos and let you made the composition. Is it possible ?
I don’t konw exactly what size is the best but I think 36×45″ in landscape orientation, seems to be good. Right ?
Thank you

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Echo Liu Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Sir,

Glad to receive for your enquiry.

It will be our pleasure to make high qulity family portraits for you.
For custom paintings, you’d better to send me those 10 photos first.
Then we will check if we can put them together, and we will check which size will be better.

My email address is echoliu@doupine.com.
Feel free to send me emails with your further questions.

Best Regards,

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