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Chinese Oil Paintings For Wholesale-Art History-Introduction-Famous Artists Love to Paint the Plus Size Woman

Famous Artists Love to Paint the Plus Size Woman

7/26/2006 10:13:31 PM

Voluptuous women have inspired artists for centuries. Their bountiful curves and confident poses have been the subjects of such artists as Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Paul Cezanne. Throughout the centuries, plus size women have been seen as the epitome of beauty: healthy, fertile, and desirable. Women who were thin back in the above artist''''s time were considered waif and unhealthy, and were often from the poor class. Many died from illnesses and the harsh elements. Only until just recently in a historical timeline has society decided that ��thin is in.�� Women like Kate Moss or Paris Hilton have the body type that society today deems as beautiful and healthy. What is considered to be plus size clothing today is what would have been considered normal and healthy a century ago. Many artists in the 21st century still adopt the belief systems of yesterday. They see larger women as BBW (Big Beautiful Women) and also choose them as the subject of their art.

Nigel Morgan captures this beauty with drawings, bold, bright paintings seen even on Internet greeting cards. His fascination with the full figured woman started at a young age. He now sees the full-figured woman as ��femininity magnified��, and desires to relay this visually. Morgan says, ��My goal is very simple, like most other artists it is to reach the pinnacle of artistic expression. In doing so, I can only hope that society may one day truly appreciate my vision.�� The center of each piece is a large confident woman wearing plus size womens clothing or nothing at all. a plus size bra and panty, or plus size lingerie. His gallery displays paintings of plus size women doing every day things and just enjoying themselves. Some are enjoying coffee and shopping while another is at the beach wearing plus size swimwear. The paintings are freeing and calm yet bold and colorful. One piece that shows all of these things is called Girls in Gowns. It shows four large women, each standing on a hill surrounded by flowers, wearing plus size dresses. It is the epitome of confidence and femininity.

Heinz Guth , a painter from Germany also paints plus size women. He believes ��The most beautiful women are large. That��s why I prefer to paint BBW��s.�� He draws, sketches and paints the art himself, without the use of computers and recently began making sculptures. He paints in a traditional manner with natural colors as oil, acrylic, pencil etc. on canvas, board and paper. His art is mainly women and houses, sometimes painted in a realistic way and other times more abstract.

Cheryl and Regan Lane-Smith take their art to a whole new level with plus size women stained glass art. They started Living Large Creations, devoted to original plus size art in glass. Their icon, Bathtub Lady is their most popular and can easily be adapted into the customers color choice. Other pieces, such as Gazing, which is a plus size woman admiring herself in a mirror, or BBW Couple on a Stoop can also be made into the color scheme of the customer��s choice. Each piece is just around $35.

There are many artists who devote their craft solely to the plus size form. You can find much of this plus size art online at the Plus Size Yellow Pages. Also places such as Radiance Online the Magazine for Large Women sells women��s t-shirts adorned with plus size art and sculptures from a variety of plus size artists. They also advertise for companies who sell plus size art, and offer a substantial plus size clothing discount on plus size tops, plus size jeans, plus size skirts, wide size women��s shoes and women��s apparel accessories.



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